Miten itsenäistä venäjänkielistä mediaa voidaan tukea

Kulturkontakt Nord / Nordic Cultural Point Helsinki invites you to their seminar "How to Promote the Growth of Independent Russian-Language Media?" (Oct 7th 2015). The seminar is moderated by Iida Simes (Finnish PEN).

A diverse and balanced media landscape has been a basic premise for the development of democracy in the Nordic countries. In a democratic and sustainable society, the ability to think critically is essential.
The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has highlighted contrasts between the Western and Russian media, in terms of both their news reporting and their accounts of the underlying causes of the conflict. Alternative media sources are being closed and editors sacked. Last year, the replacement of Lenta’s editor with pro-Kremlin staff led to the launch of the independent Russian-language media organization Meduza.io in Latvia.
The topic is particularly important in the Baltic countries, where a lack of media balance could limit the opportunities for the Russian-speaking minorities to feel part of – and play an active and constructive role in – public debate and democracy.
What can the Nordic Region do to support balanced media coverage in the Baltic States? Is the Nordic experience of funding media diversity a useful approach in the current situation? Should the Nordic Region support alternative Russian-speaking media or focus on general measures for supporting media diversity and strengthening knowledge, competence, journalistic quality and exchanges of experience?
The seminar at Nordic Culture Point will assess the current situation against the backdrop of the Russian media situation and debate and suggest different approaches and solutions to these challenges in the Baltic countries, from a Nordic perspective.

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