Ensimmäinen kutsukirje Tarton XIV ugrikongressiin elokuussa 2017

1. information letter

The 14th Finno-Ugric Writers‘ Congress
Tartu August 23–26, 2017

The Association of Finno-Ugric literatures has been organaising congresses every two years since 1993. The aim of these Congresses is to keep and develop literary links between Finno-Ugric peoples, to exchange information, thoughts and experiences about what is happening in literature as well as in society and to support endangered Finno-Ugric languages and literatures.

In 2017, it is Estonia’s turn to organise the Congress. We are happy to inform you that the 14th Finno-Ugric writers’ congress will take place in Tartu, on August 23–26, in the new premises of the Estonian National Museum.

The theme of the congress is „The History of Finno-Ugric peoples through literature“; in addition we shall also discuss current subjects in literatary life. The first day will be dedicated to plenary presentations; in the following days we will work in two sessions, one dedicated to the main theme and the second to other questions the delegates consider as important. The Congress will conclude with a plenary session.

We ask your Writers’ Union to compose a delegation of 10 members and to send us the list before January 15, 2017.

Please send us titles with short abstracts of the presentations before May 1st 2017. We expect the articles for INF by the same deadline.

We hope that the 14th Congress of our organisation will be as inspiring and fruitful as the previous ones. Welcome to Tartu, a UNESCO literary town!

Eva Toulouze,
Vice-President of the Association of Finno-Ugric literatures

Indrek Koff, member of the board of the Association of Finno-Ugric literatures