Lastenkirjallisuus AFUL:n XII kongressin teemana

The dates of the XII Congress of Finno-Ugric writers are 27-30 November, 2013. The subject of the Congress is “Childhood literature of Finno-Ugric peoples” and two sections will be organised:

- “Childhood literature in Finno-Ugric world. The role of folklore traditions in education of children and the youth”.

- “The role of childhood literature in education. Native languages studying in educational institutions”.

The selective criterion of delegates is the knowledge of one of the languages of Finno-Ugric group and creative activity, directed to support and develop culture of Finno-Ugric peoples.

Preliminary expenses of delegates of the Congress:

- travel expenses: by plane to Salekhard or by train to station Labytnangi;

- hotel accommodation in Salekhard (the cost is $125-200 per night);

- meals during 4 days (except coffee-breaks and official dinners on 28 Novembers, 2013).

Apart from a visa to enter the Russian Federation, it is also necessary to make a permit to enter Salekhard, the term of issuance is 60 days. To make permits you need to provide your passport copy and information about your job place, position, work phone number, home address and mobile phone.

Applications will be accepted till 15th and 29th September, 2013. If you have more questions on the Congress organisation, do not hesitate to contact Nadezhda Kovalenko, a main specialist of the Department of International and External Economic Relations of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, tel. +7 34922 22804, fax +7 34922 22614, e-mail: kovalenko2506@mail.ru