Aleksanteri-instituutti järjestää seminaarin "Northern Lights"

The Aleksanteri Institute will organize an international symposium on the social theories and utopies of the Enlightenment age in Northern Europe and Russia. The symposium continues the themes of the ”Northern Lights” seminar held in 2009 in collaboration with the St. Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas. At the same time, it relates to the Centre of Excellence project of the Aleksanteri Institute on the modernization processes in Russia by expounding and comparing the role of Enlightenment thought in creating the outlines of a modern society in Scandinavia and in Russia.

The symposium is carried out in collaboration with the Center for History of Ideas (Russian Academy of Sciences) in St. Petersburg and the University of Greifswald. The speakers at the symposium who hitherto have consented are Prof. Tatiana Artemyova (St. Petersburg), Prof. Mikhail Mikeshin (St. Petersburg), Prof. Vesa Oittinen (Helsinki), Dr. Oili Pulkkinen (Jyväskylä/Finland), Dr. Carola Häntsch (Greifswald), Dr. Hartwig Frank (Greifswald). The programme of the symposium will be published in the end of May 2012 on the web page of the Aleksanteri Institute (http://www.helsinki.fi/aleksanteri/).

The publication containing the papers of the previous symposium can be downloaded here: http://ideashistory.org.ru/a36.html.

For further information, please contact Prof. Vesa Oittinen (address: vesa.oittinen AT helsinki.fi). Dead-line for paper proposal submissions is 15th of May.

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