Support the initiative to introduce compulsory in the Udmurt language in Udmurtia

Dear friends and colleagues!
In late February, the Parliament will consider a proposal Udmurtia Vseudmurtskoy Association "Udmurt Kenesh" on the introduction of the Udmurt language compulsory in all schools in the country.
Compulsory study of the national language was introduced in a given volume of all the national republics of the Volga and Urals except Udmurtia.
We support this initiative and believe that it will create systemic conditions for more sustainable reproduction of the Udmurt language and learning the Udmurt language as Udmurt, whose families do not speak or have little to say in Udmurt, and citizens of the republic of other nationalities.
Recently, as we approach the State Council session at which the amendment will be considered, there are more negative signs for the initiative:
- Chairman of the State Council on December 31 V. Nevostruev at a press conference, said that the study of the Udmurt not be mandatory ;
- 23 January, Chairman of the State Council commissions had worked profile Natalia Sudarikova called this initiative futile .
Also quite loud voices against the initiative and some alarmist statements , sustained in a provocative manner.
We are now very important to show MPs Udmurtia and the public that many supporters of the initiative, and their arguments - slim and convincing.
We can not do without your support.
We ask you to help the brotherly Udmurt people in their struggle for the institutionalization of the Udmurt language.
Read more about the initiative and the arguments in support you can read here .
How can you help us?
There are several options to choose suitable.
1. Become a public supporter of the initiative and prepare a statement in support of the initiative (These supporters have become Oliver Loode and young entrepreneur, producing national Udmurt confectionery Samvel Eduard ).
2. Take part in a campaign to dispatch requests to the deputies of the State Council of Udmurtia.
3. Write a personal letter to the arguments in support of the initiative - it will be included in the general circulation and sent to members of the initiative group.
4. Help us with the preparation of promotional materials about the benefits of studying the national language and the benefits of multilingualism.
5. Help us to spread information about the initiative.
6. Write us at artem@udmurtlyk.ru and offer their ideas, and opportunities.
If you are willing to help us in one or more embodiments, please write to artem@udmurtlyk.ru

Thank you for your solidarity!
network administrators,
members of the initiative group "Kyl-kun . "

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